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Green Max


Mixed Service Chip/Cut resistant

Significant increase in tread life with new scrub-resistant

application-specific tread compound and increased tread volume

Stone rejectors protect the casing in base of the tread groove

Protector ribs on both sidewalls to fight damage from curbing

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Size Load Index / Speed Symbol Load Range Ply Standard Rim Application Operating Segment Max. Load Max. Inflation Overall Diameter Tread Depth
(lbs) (psi) (Inches) (32 nds)
11R22.5 146/143K H 16 Mixed Service All Position 6610/6005 120 42 23
315/80R22.5 157/154K L 20 Mixed Service All Position 9090/8270 130 42 24
11R24.5 149/146K H 16 Mixed Service All Position 7160/6610 120 43 23