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LB03SD (L-5)

Radial OTR

Exceptionally robust in masacre conditions

A substantial crown, robust shoulders reinforced with a protection band make up a tyre particularly resistant to shock ruptures, cuts and tread tearing

A particularly resilient casing with the addition of several specific steel belts constitute a tyre that is very resistant to punctures

Excellent compromise of adhesion and traction

A very substantial, wide and aggressive tread functions perfectly to produce a good compromise between adhesion,traction and damage resistance

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Size Load Index / Speed Symbol Standard Rim Max. Load Max. Inflation Overall Diameter Tread Depth
(lbs) (psi) (Inches) (32 nds)
17.5R25 167B 182A2 14.00/1.5 12,000 69 55 78.80
20.5R25 177B 193A2 17.00/2.0 16,100 69 61 88.20
23.5R25 185B 201A2 19.5/2.5 20,400 69 66 95.80
26.5R25 193B 209A2 22.00/3.0 25,400 69 71 107.10
29.5R25 200B 216A2 25.00/3.5 30,900 69 76 116.60