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Special Trailer service tire

Symmetric tread design featuring a solid center rib and large shoulder blocks to provide constant rubber-to-road contact to enhance highway stability, traction and wear

Angled tread blocks provide quiet operation

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Size Load Index / Speed Symbol Load Range Ply Standard Rim UTQG Max. Load Max. Inflation Overall Diameter Tread Depth
(lbs) (psi) (Inches) (32 nds)
ST175/80R13 91L C 6 5J 1,360 50
ST205/75R14 100L C 6 5 1/2J 1,760 50
ST215/75R14 102L C 6 6J 1,870 50
ST225/75R15 113L D 8 6J 2,540 65
ST205/75R15 101L C 6 5 1/2J 1,820 50
ST235/80R16 123L E 10 6 1/2J 3,420 80