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Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. is a global tire manufacturer. Linglong has become a well-known and a world-famous tire manufacturer in the industry. Linglong is consistently among the top 20 tire manufacturers in the world. In addition, Linglong is among the top 5 tire manufactures in China with a capacity of 51 million tires annually.

Linglong introduced the first indoor noise and rolling resistance laboratories in China. In the last couple of years, Linglong achieved a number of national level projects, including the 863 Program and Torch Plan. As well as, amended more than 60 national standards, and obtained over 300 domestic and international patents. Linglong developed a “low profile, hydroplane resistant, low noise, ultra-high performance radial tire”. Linglong was awarded its second “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology” in the year 2010.Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturing enterprise with large scale facilities. The registered capital of Linglong is up to 1 billion RMB. After several years of innovation development, Linglong has become a world-famous tire enterprise with over 10 billion asset, over 10 billion RMB income, and over ten thousand staff. Linglong has been consistently among the top 20 tire enterprises in the world and top 5 in China for several years with annual capacity reaching 51 million tires.This award is recognized as the top achievement in the tire industry in China. In 2013, the high-performance radial tire started production in Linglong International Tire Co., Ltd. (Thailand)(LLIT). This was a key role in Linglong’s international development. Linglong currently has state-of-the-art production facilities in Dezhou China, Liuzhou China, and Thailand. All while maintaining the operations facility in Zhaoyuan China. With the current footprint, Linglong has gone from 20 million units annually to 51 million units annually. In 2015, Linglong’s brand value was elevated and marked Linglong as the number one Chinese tire manufacturer.

Linglong takes great pride in quality control. In doing so, Linglong maintains a strict system of hand-inspection and advanced technological inspections with their products. Linglong sells to over 180 countries and are recognized all over the world for the quality and reliability in their products.Linglong acquired multiple domestic and international certificates including: China 3C, the Europe ECE, the Arab States GCC, the Brazil INMETRO, the Uruguay LATU, the American DOT, and the American SMARTWAY certification. Linglong exceeds the QMS (Quality Management System) assessment of several top 10 car manufacturers. Linglong is also OE (Original Equipment) for GM, Ford, Tata, Tenant-Nissan, Fiat, Hyundai, and more.

Linglong is striving to become a top 10 tire manufacture globally. To help reach that goal, Linglong is focused on developing a top tier enterprise utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities, quality products, and their well-established management team. Linglong’s annual capacity is estimated to reach 90 million units by 2020.


Corporate Mission
Create Opportunities for Staff, Create Value for Customers, Create Profit for Shareholders, Create Wealth for Society

Corporate Spirit:
Solidarity, hard-working, striving for first-class enterprise.

Management Policy:
Customer Centered, Staff Oriented, Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation, Safe, Lean, Linglong Brand, Harmony, Reciprocity

Working Style:
Quick Response, Vigorous, Resolute, Pursue Excellence, Set a New High

Business Philosophy:
Make China Famous-brand Product, Establish the World’s First-class Enterprise

Social Responsibility:
Return Society, Serve the Country by Industry Development 

Everything in a Precarious State Needed to Be Handled

In 1975, the predecessor of Linglong Tire-“Zhaoyuan Tire Manufacturing & Repairing Plant” was established officially. Till 1986, the plant's production methods were invariable and equipment was outdated. Under the impact of the tide of market-oriented economy, the plant was on verge of bankruptcy.

New Projects Every Year

In 1987, the current Group Chairman Wang Xicheng became the eighth director of the factory, proposing the policy of “Road Side-Road Center-Upstream”. The company's products gradually developed from the low-grade carriage tires to truck tires, OTR tires and advanced car tires. During 13 years till 2000, the factory had formed more than 200 specifications of five series including engineering tires, truck tires, light truck tires, agricultural tires, car tires, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of diagonal tires and ranking top 10 in domestic tire industry. As a result, it achieved the transformation from tire repair to diadonal tire scale production and built the recycling industry chain by leaps and bounds.

Built the Recycling Industry Chain by Leaps and Bounds

In 2001,the company entered the striding development stage with the introduction of new project of the radial tires production line as an opportunity.Adhering to the business idea of "Stabilizing diagonal tires pruduction, developing radial tires vigorously,and constructing the tire industrial park", we adjusted the production structure from single diagonal tires to radial tires.In the same year,the company successfully reformed the corporate structure with clear property rights and well-defined rights and responsibilities.On September 23, the first production line of passenger car radial tires was put into operation;on November 10,the truck and bus radial tires project was started;on October 19,2002,the company created "Linglong Speed" at which the first truck and bus tire coming out of the production line successfully within 11 months.Therefore, the company realized series production of special tires,passenger car tires and truck and bus tires,and was gradually advanceding to tire professionalism and scale production.

Since 2003, the company staff have developed a work style of "Response rapidly,work vigorously and resolutely, pursue excellence, creat new ideas",fixed position with "three words and one phrase" and inhanced "four kinds of rate".Guided by scientific development perspective,they strived to achieve the aim of high product quality,modern management,internatinnal market and brand,and started a new round of marketing strategy of seizing the opportunity and rapid response as the theme.The company completed the transformation from single industry to industrial clusters by integrating the advantages and became the most dynamic and competitive tire manufacturing base.

Have Great Foresight and Plan for the Future

In 2011, Linglong will rely on the technological innovation to creat the top brand. By implementing the international strategies to enhence competitiveness, it tries to build an international popular enterprise.